If I Had a Blog. . .

Well, wait no longer, I now have a blog. Don’t know how I feel about joining the world of cyber-relationships but I have decided it just might help me keep up with folks better. We’ll see.

All of my background comes to bear and I feel that I must have a vision for this blog, or purpose for setting it up. But I am going to push past that and just see what happens.

For now I will settle for telling the faceless “you” that are reading this that we are fine here in the midwest. J was out of town all last week and, although he is back now, I still haven’t seen much of him due to the college world series.

I guess the other big news is that we found out our 5th Kick’s gender! Mrs. Mary told Jeremy at the office and he told me later that night over dinner. We had planned not to tell anyone but that was really no fun for me, so he told my parents when he was with them this weekend and I have been telling people as I remember. Funny, huh? Well, that is life with two toddlers!

Oh, so do you want to know?

We are having a girl!

Yeah, so we will have a little sandwich. It is funny – I was convinced we were having a boy, but this will teach me to attempt to know the mind of God, eh?

We, to have had nothing to say, I have said alot. That’s it for now. Except a cute photo. Just picture L following T around singing, “I’m squishing up my baby bumble bee” and you will have a fraction of the fun I had!

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8 Responses to If I Had a Blog. . .

  1. Jawan says:

    I am so proud that you have birthed a blog…let’s hope that you have more than just two faithful readers (M and me). Congrats on the news of having another girl! What wondrous news. L will be a fantastic big sister.** Glad to be the first to leave a comment on your blog.

  2. Glenda says:

    B, I am so happy for you all to have another girl! This is an exciting time for all of you. I talked with your mom today and she didn’t utter one word of this great news! Wait till I speak to her. It won’t be long now till we see the newest Kicker. Love, Glenda

  3. erika says:

    YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this day!!!!!I’m thrilled about your news–another sweet girl. šŸ™‚ I’m going to link you. šŸ™‚love you, friend.

  4. April Barber says:

    I can’t believe it…yet, I am so proud of you friend. I know it is a big leap. And I can’t believe you already have FOUR comments on your first post. That’s just wrong!

  5. stephanie says:

    Yippppeeeee!!! We’re so glad you are blogging! We loved being with Jeremy last week at GA. But we missed you. Jeremy taunted us about the sex of the baby, so we were very surprised to find out on your blog. How fun! Another girl! We’re excited with you.Love,the Hickmans

  6. Debbie says:

    Becky,I can’t believe you have a blog! I don’t know what I think about it yet :). I am so excited about your baby GIRL! How fun! So sad that I can’t come with Will next week, but I will just have to come alone when I can stay longer. Love,Debbie

  7. Jenn says:

    Yeah for your new blogging adventure! I’m looking forward to reading.Congrats on the news of a little girl!

  8. ~Mad says:

    I love it! Take care of you and ‘new girl’ and L and T and J!What fun…..


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