V. Mars

I just spent the evening at the mall reuniting with some old friends.  I mean, “we used to be friends a long time ago but I haven’t thought of them lately, at all.” Yep, I was at the local AMC watching the Veronica Mars movie that was funded by the history making Kickstarter campaign.

Veronica Mars, a story about a high school P.I., ended in May of 2007 after three seasons on two networks. I actually watched the show on Netflix or Hulu the first time but quickly developed a fictional relationship with the characters and mourned when the show ended abruptly and without closure.  If you have seen the show then you are thinking that these are unlikely friends for me. . . smart mouthed and promiscuous teens with minimal parental involvement and maximum cash flow. . . not my typical gang. Truth be told, I was drawn to the camaraderie, loyalty, and love between characters – not the character of the characters *wink*.

The reunion tonight was fun.  The writers gave their fan base everything they would want . . . good back story to fill us in on the past 9 years, closure for some unliked characters, and happy glimpses into the lives of some favorites. Everyone in the theater was obviously a fan, with someone even yelling out “Team Logan” as the film started.  Everyone laughed at the jokes that were nods to the original series and you could hear people’s responses as they recognized faces on the screen. It was fun . . . enjoyable . . . familiar.

I left with only one complaint, and it wasn’t VM specific – just highlighted, once again, by this movie. *spoiler* I am a bit tired of the good guy not getting the girl. Seriously. The guy who loves the girl and selflessly wants her to be the best version of herself always gets left to pine away while she makes out with Mr. Smolder Selfish.

Joey loved Rachel (Friends) and wanted nothing but her best, but she chose Ross who was a bumbling boob who treated her mediocre at best.

Dan loved Blair (Gossip Girl) and wanted her to be safe, happy, and successful, but she chose Chuck, the needy and wild boy who loved her but made terrible choices.

Piz loved Veronica (VM) and treated her like a queen.  Guess who didn’t end up with Veronica – COME ON.

My friend, Kathryn, says I am a goody-goody and I guess I am.  I mean, I fell for my share of bad boys growing up and acted the fool for a few of them.  Truth is though, when it comes to partnering with a man for the rest of your life, don’t you want the wise, loving, selfless man who makes good choices and wants what’s best for you? Don’t I want my daughter to settle down with a good man without believing she has settled for a good man?

Maybe these are disproportionately deep thoughts for a post-veronica-mars-movie-event. Maybe they are appropriate and mature – when are they appropriate if NOT after a PVMME? Feel free to chime in with your two cents . . and, while you are at it, let me know if you ended up with a “bad boy”.  I can’t think of any of my friends who are. . .

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Quiet Christmas Day


This past Christmas was the quietest and calmest we have had since Bubba was a baby.  There were no relatives with us, no truck with gifts arriving at the house. . . no extras, just us. It was nice.  I was glad when family called and it made me miss them, but it was nice just being us.

We started the day with the Christmas story on the bed. . .????????????????????????????Another first. . . no matching pjs. But there was happy drink with breakfast:???????????

whimsical gift tags. . .
????????????????? surprises from siblings. . .???????????? and “just what I wanted”s.????????By so many standards it was a non-descript Christmas. The afternoon was spent playing with the new LeapPad Ultra, dressing the new American Girl Doll, and readying to use the new telescope. I was happy to sit and watch my family together and listen to my new favorite Christmas song, “Jesus Is Alive” by Josh Wilson (makes me weep every time I read/sing it). Read it here or and listen here.

Wish that I was there
On that silent night
When your tiny heart
started beating for mine

I wish I could have seen
The star in David’s town
When you turned a stable into a Holy ground
I sing along, the angel’s song

Noel, Noel, Jesus is alive
Emanuel, hope is here tonight
So go, and tell, the world that death has died
‘Cause Jesus is alive, yeah Jesus is alive

The God who made us all
With these two little hands
Is bringing us his kingdom
Quiet as a lamb

Oh such Amazing Grace
A divine conspiracy
This Savior in a manger changes everything
That’s why we sing

Noel, Noel, Jesus is alive
Emanuel, hope is here tonight
So go, and tell, the world that death has died
‘Cause Jesus is alive, yeah Jesus is alive

Sin you have no sting
Hell you have no power (Jesus is alive)
Curse you are no more
This is your final hour (Jesus is alive)

Because the son of God
Has not left us alone (Jesus is alive)
He’ll live and die and rise again
And then he’ll bring us home (Jesus is alive)

The old will pass away
And we will become new (Jesus is alive)
This baby boy is making all sad things untrue

Noel, Noel, Jesus is alive (Jesus is alive)
Emanuel, hope is here tonight (Jesus is alive)
So go, and tell, the world that death has died
‘Cause Jesus is alive, yeah Jesus is alive


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The Kicklighter Cutting Edge

The day after Christmas found Bubba and Little attending a Winter Day Camp with Variety and KB asking for the 55th time if we would take her ice skating.  My ankle has never been the same after my fall last year and so I turned to Honey to see if he was up for the task. With his nod of consent the air became electric and the plan came together.

We dropped the two kids off at camp and then headed onward to the park and the outdoor skating rink we’ve heard so much about but never visited. Honey and KB got their skates and stickers and headed out to the ice.


It took them 15 min. to get around the rink the first time but only 10 min. the second lap.



Our little beginner made it four laps and she was done. Not only was it cold, she was exhausted, had a cut from a fall (toe-pick!), and was growing weary from not being excellent on her first try.  Honey was just glad to get his feet back on solid ground – his ankles had had enough.

I left with my heart full.  I love when we try new things and I love watching my husband loving and relating well to our kids. I loved the brisk air and the 80′s music . . . it was a good day.



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This Other Thing

order-chaos copyIt’s been “raining” ice since the middle of the night and we are snuggled down in our little house awaiting the 6-8 inches of snow that is said to be coming next. My mother has already called to check on us and her comment, “You haven’t even mentioned the weather,” has caused me to take pause. I have seen more snow this winter than the previous 40 years combined and the temperatures have been lower than I have ever experienced in my life. No, it isn’t a non-issue. Truth is, life is spinning so fast I just don’t have time to gather my thoughts on the weather, much less communicate them to others.

That is the summation of my life right now. It takes such concentration to get through the day-to-day that I don’t have time to think too intensively and I sure don’t have the opportunity to communicate it. . . and so the blog is bare, my journal is empty, and my life is probably looking pretty shallow to outsiders. I don’t think it is bad choices that have put me here. . . it’s the natural ebb of life and the surprises the LORD has injected into our plans. I’m going to process a bit now and I’m going to do it here so my “blogger’s guilt” is satisfied and my family feels communicated with.

I’m working 35 hours a week, which I never intended to do. I go in to the church at 7:30 a.m. and take the kiddos with me for school. I work through lunch so I can get the hours I need and then leave with my kiddos at 3. On so many levels it is the ideal situation: I love the “company” I work for, I get to be with my kiddos when they are off school, I get to see the kids throughout the day since we are in the same building , and I have flexibility if someone should get sick, etc. As thankful as I am, I must admit I struggle with never being without my children, not yet having victory in cooking decent food when I am gone all day, having patience with and caring for my family after focusing my attention on other things all day, and more. I just want to be busy at home and The Lord has called me to this other thing for now.

Honey is not working at present. In January the seminary “laid off” six employees and Honey was one. It was a complete shock, handled poorly, and super hurtful to my uber-loyal husband. The last month has been full of resume writing, networking meetings, counseling, dreaming, and (let’s be honest) worry and fear. Honey has his own set of demons to struggle with (and he can blog those himself), but I would say that my energy has been spent fighting against sin and straining to do what’s best. I know worry is wrong and I feel like it has been a physically taxing struggle to choose that “in everything, with prayer and supplication, and with thanksgiving” I’ll make my requests known to God. The peace I feel when I fight this fight is truly beyond all understanding . . . I guess I just never knew it could be so exhausting to choose right. I want THE WALK to be easy and The Lord has called me to this other thing for now.

Since we don’t have a job and don’t know our next step, there are TONS of decisions I would normally be making now that I am not. We got the news just days before re-enrollment began at school. Seems logical that we would just re-enroll and if we aren’t in St. Louis we give back our spot. Sounds easy, but there are registration fees that are pretty exorbitant with portions that are non-refundable and we may not end up in a situation that can afford private school anymore. I don’t want to spend a month of grocery money on fees for a decision we can’t really commit to, right? Also it’s the time to get early-bird rates on summer camps too. (All I can hear in my head is Honey saying, “first world struggles”). Do we sign up for camps? Do we do baseball this year? I want to know the plan and I want life to have structure, but The Lord has called me to walk in faith through this other thing for now.

While all this inner-turmoil is going on there’s the external stuff of life unfolding each day as well: conversations with my son about repentance, emotions as my first-born turns ten, tears as my youngest navigates the surprisingly emotional waters of relationships in Kindergarten, engagement as my Honey processes a new dream brewing or old sin dealt with, dishes in the sink, laundry in the basement, thank-you notes to write, pants to hem, lost coats to find, and, and, and. . . all these things are part of this thing The Lord has called me to for now.

God tells us that He knows the plans He has for us and He says they are plans not to harm us, but to give us hope and a future. I’m struggling to see it when this thing He has called me to for now seems the antithesis of good in my limited sight. Please pray that if I never understand His plan, that I would still trust that my Lord’s promises are true and He will never forsake me. Please pray that as we make plans The Lord will keep His promise to direct our steps. Please pray that I will be found faithful and that the way I handle this will be a testimony to the truth of the Gospel. Seems like that is the thing He has called me to for now.

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Untitled-3 copyYesterday at church Bubba and KB were waiting with me in the church Commons and their Spanish teacher was registering for our upcoming women’s retreat.  When she finished she turned to them and teased, “Now, Bubba and KB, I don’t think you should come to school tomorrow.  Just stay home and . . . oh, that’s right! It’s Martin Luther King Day! We don’t even have school!!”

KB giggled but Bubba’s responded (in his monotone way), “I know we do not have school.  Two years ago on Martin Luther King Day I zipped my first Ziploc.”

I didn’t think I heard him correctly, so I asked, “Did you say zipper?”

He answered, “No. Ziploc bag.”

Now, this will make you love his Spanish teacher whether or not you know her. She didn’t miss a beat but said, “Well, maybe tomorrow you can help your mom put something away and make sure to zip another Ziploc bag for your anniversary. That could be special.” So. Awesome.

I am gong to make that happen, I tell you.
And whether you are zipping Ziploc bags or playing games together on a day off school . . . I hope your Monday is a sweet one.

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Getting Back to “Normal” & Getting in the Spirit

After a week of snow days and late starts last week, Bubba showed up at my work desk Thursday morning in tears.  He had just arrived at school for “weird snow scheduled day #4″ and his need for routine finally had his coping skills down for the count.  The words coming out of his mouth hardly made sense,
“Daddy keeps bringing us to school at 9:30 instead of 8:15″ sob, sob
“I know we have late start but why can’t the gym be open?”sob, sniff
“I don’t want anymore snow” sob, hiccup “
“Will the snow be gone tomorrow?”collapse into my hug
And here is where you southerners say together, “BLESS HIS HEART”, and say it you should. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Seriously, last week with its 10-12 inches of snow and -6 degree temps (wind chill -20F) was a rough week and since it came on the day everyone was excited to return to school, it made it even rougher to adjust; you know, hope deferred and all. BUT, as always, the Lord is good and we made it through to 60+ degrees yesterday and barely a trace of snow on the ground.  Welcome to the Gateway City!

Since we are getting back into a routine here, I thought I would post pictures reflecting on us getting into the Christmas spirit. My mom still hasn’t seen Christmas pictures and so other readers will have to be patient this week.  Thankfully my kids are cute so there’s that for those of you who aren’t related to us. *wink

I don’t think I put a single ornament on the tree this year – a first.  KB is finally old enough to really help and her love for design came in handy to make sure everything was evenly dispersed.  It was Bubba’s year to put the angel on the treetop. ????????????????????????????????????????????

Later on I came into Bubba’s room and found Honey telling the Christmas story and Bubba and KB on the bed acting it out with their stuffed animals.  Adorable.  If you look in the photo below you see that there were in the same city Elmo, bunnies, and puppies keeping watch over their flocks by night and they went and found baby ducky wrapped in bubble wrap and lying on a mattress.  Pinky Pie and the other dog followed the star in the East and showed up a bit late. So great.?????????????????????

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After sleeping in a bit we went here for breakfast:

photo (13)

We went back home and lined up on the couchphoto (11)

To watch a new Phineas and Ferb:

photo (12)

The KB and I ran errands and she got these:photo (14)

Before I went out to dinner with her:1380378_10201968253309268_1350440390_n

Fun day except I missed time with my Honey who was in meetings most of the day.  How was your Saturday?

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